Dr. David Sanchez, PHD David Sanchez Ph.D. grew up around several barrios in Los Angeles. At a young age he began to organize his community for better living conditions. He has always been at the forefront to direct or assist community events for the progress and advancement of Mexican Americans and Latinos.

David Foncerrada Sanchez became one of the most influential leaders during the Mexican American Civil Rights Era. He Started up groups like the Chicano Moratorium and the B.B. National Organization. More recently, David Sanchez earned his Ph.D. and taught Mexican American Studies at several community colleges for over ten years. He also served as Sr. Liaison for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. He is the author of two books titled "Expedition Through Aztlan" and "Social Communication for Everyone".

Dr. Sanchez has completed extensive work in reducing crime and violence in the Southwest and is always there when the community aspires a need. Today, he is the President and Developer for the Mexican American University.




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